How to be an artist: 

1. Becoming an artist is like looking over a cliff and knowing that you must jump. So ... Jump off the cliff and believe, know even that you will grow wings before you reach the bottom. Do it without a safety net ...cause  If you can't or will not  do this then you will never know you have succeeded. If you cannot do this then move on and get a regular 9-5 and join the real world!

2. Be ok with a shitty life for a few years! Sleeping in cars, rooming with tons of people, eating on the cheap, and never letting on that you are doing any of this, and just being happy to be doing what you love. if you cannot do this then move on and get a regular 9-5 and join the real world!

3. Be ok that you will for the rest of your life spend 10-16 hours a day doing art ... every day ... forever! if this does not seem awesome again ... move on and get a regular 9-5 and join the real world.

4. Be Unique, your vision is what will drive you and your fans and thusly your career! we do not need a copy of another artist ... cause ...we have one of those, we do not have a you yet, so be that person. and Again if this is not your intent ...move on and get a regular 9-5 and join the real world.

5. Know how to draw! if you cannot draw it does not matter how much you try you will fail. Knowing that one skill will drive you in any visual art you pursue, remember that even the great abstract artists could render amazingly. Picasso and Jackson Pollock were both able to draw amazingly. and that is why we know them, they understood the basic concepts and chose to break that mold. But they would have been just like all the other failed abstract artists had they not been able to draw. This applies to any medium as well, digital, and sculpture both pull heavily on the skills you develop by learning to draw. Even Photographers should know how to draw. This skill is necessary for Visual art! And as above if you don't want to take the time to do this ...move on and get a regular 9-5 and join the real world.

6. Embrace your aesthetic! your unique view of beauty is why you are needed. Tell them a story, show them how to love, and be an artist!


What are my influences:

I have a trinity: Dali at the god Spot and then Degas and Hieronymus Bosch


Making the Art: Symbolism (Paintings)

These are almost exclusively Oils. I work in a layered wash technique. I lay down layers or highly viscous oils to create the complex backgrounds and then let those dry and draw on the foreground. 

Then I paint the foreground masking, then the Underpainting, then the shadows then finally the highlights.

Go to my fan page on facebook and look for the photo galleries labeled WIP: and you will see the process. 

This takes 2 months to 2 years to complete. I do 5-15 at a time, in stages while others dry. With cobalt dryer you can speed this process up but wow ... the toxic!


Making the Art: Symbolic Abstracts

Making these pieces, I use the Sumi Ink, Oils and photography to create them as a collage.

The Sumi ink is just like india ink and I make a stencil with that so it is just a black and white image. I scan that in and then I use textures to build the piece as a collage in Photoshop.

Textures: I shoot a lot of my own textures, either as oil painting stages or as reference from macro-ish photography. Or if I need something I do not have I use open source textures such as Lost and Taken


Here is the list of Materials I use:

Photographing Art: again Seriously these guys are amazing and know their shit!!! I use interfit super coolite 6 Rig for Lighting and a 15mpxl DSLR Camera

Producing the Art:

Archival Printer: Epson 7900 (expensive but awesome) if you are wanting to save money Send an Email to Troy he runs the printing for me and we offer a printing service as well here are my Prices and contact info for Troy:

Archival Paper I print on: Mostly Epson Photo Luster

Non-Archival Poster Prints: (tell em Nigel Sade Sent you)


Facebook is your Friend! utilize a fanpage not a personal page. This allows the page to be about only your art, and not pictures of cats!

Website: Zenfolio (use referal code: HNA-9KT-5XZ ) that will save you and me 10% :

Here is the Email I can send out to save money for you on Zenfolio:


As you may know, I have been using the Zenfolio hosting service for organizing and presenting my photos and videos online. You can view my site at
I think Zenfolio is a great service, and I wanted to recommend that you open an account as well.
Some of the features Zenfolio offers are:
• Unlimited storage for your photos and videos
• Elegant pages with a variety of layouts and designs including creating your own completely custom designs that you can edit without any knowledge of coding
• Beautiful presentation of your photos and videos
• A very easy to use and intuitive interface
• Full screen Slideshows with music (50 free songs are included)
• Ability to link to many image sizes and share your photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter directly from your account. This way, you can upload files only once and share them any way you like.
You can use my referral code HNA-9KT-5XZ during sign up to save 10% off your own subscription. Once you subscribe you'll get your own code and if you get enough referrals you may never need to pay for the service again.
Zenfolio offers a free Trial account for two weeks so you can see if you like it. I really think you should give it a try.
- Nigel Sade Fine Art


Selling your art:

The bags I use: Clearbags and USE THEM!!! care about your art when you sell it! And your customers will care when they own it! 

BackDrop I use at shows(click here to see it): Again! Call them (866-940-3686)and tell them you want the backdrop Nigel Sade Uses and they are offering anyone I refer $115.00 Per Backdrop

I also bring table cloths for 8' tables and a King size sheet makes a great hanging surface for prints. Seriously I just hit a thrift store and go nuts!

Put a backdrop up use a sheet or something to hang the art and utilize Magnets to hang them ... which is quite frankly pretty cool.

Get the Magnets here 

I use ITOYA books to display my art you cat get those at Dick Blick or amazon.

If you want a list of shows that are good just goto my Exhibits page and any of those show done by me or my studio are good shows.


Studio de Sade training:

if you are looking to be an Intern and are willing to devote 1 year to the studio as a worker to learn the ropes. then contact me  and we can talk if we have an opening!


Personal Q&A:

Q: How Long have you been an artist?

A: I have been a Professional Artist for about Since 2003 but I have been doing art my whole life. You will find this to be the case most of the time. Art is not a choice, it is a compulsion. I tell all my students, friends, enemies, strangers at the grocery store ... etc, that if you can stop doing art then STOP!!! but if you cannot then you should find a way to make money doing it, cause you will never do anything else.

--if you have questions you would like to see here please send me an email to and I will answer them and put them up here.